As I mentioned earlier, not every Battle Royale game is a winner, and Warface’s take on the mode is only worth checking out if, for whatever reason, you can’t play any of the above. The game might be free to play and developed by Crytek, but the good news stops there. For starters, Warface is ugly, donning the kind of grey and brown military aesthetic that had lost any sense of eye-pleasing appeal years ago, and the rudimentary combat isn’t much more interesting either. 

Its Battle Royale mode is serviceable at best, but the fact that it only allows 16 players per round diminishes the scale of the fighting drastically, and games can end up feeling more like a dragged out version of Team Deathmatch above anything else. Still, there are over 70 guns to play around with, and if you’re into its COD-inspired brand of arcade gunplay, then Warface has you covered.

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