As Fortnite has exploded into mainstream consciousness over the last nine months, so has its competitive scene. Epic have put forward a $100m prize pot for Fortnite competitions during the 2018-2019 season. Many commentators don’t think Fortnite eSports will take off due to the random nature of battle royale and some of the inconsistent mechanics like bloom. But, that hasn’t stopped a plethora of big name organisations within eSports from picking up the brightest Fortnite streamers and pro player talents, despite the scene still being in its infancy. 

The question is however, which Fortnite streamers should you be paying attention to? Are you looking to raise your game and learn from the pro players? Or just want some family-friendly Fortnite streaming to entertain you on a more casual basis? Whether you play on PS4, Xbox, mobile or PC, we’ve picked out the top 10 Fortnite streamers on Twitch and YouTube that you should be following if you’re interested in competitive Fortnite play.

Myth – The Fortnite Pioneer

Notable highlight: Playing against FaZe’s Tfue in a 1v1

Follow him on: Twitch | YouTube

Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani was one of the very first Fortnite streamer to be picked up by any organisation, with Team SoloMid aka TSM snapping up the 19-year-old in January. He’s proven himself to be an immensely skilled builder right from the start, leading the meta and introducing new building strategies and techniques. He regularly competes in the unofficial Fortnite Friday tournaments, teams with other Fortnite streamers and reaches the final few rounds on a regular basis. On top of that, he’s a likeable guy and often plays with his teammates, Daequan, Hamlinz and CaMiLLs who all have something unique to offer the roster. TSM is looking like one of the strongest Fortnite teams out there so expect to see them at the top when the official Fortnite eSports season kicks off. 

CouRageJD – The Impulse Grenadier

Notable highlight: His quest to train up three 10-year-old Fortnite prodigies he met while playing the game

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