Platform(s): DS

The World Ends With You is one of the most memorable JRPGs in the Nintendo DS catalog thanks to its story, neat battle system, carpal tunnel-inducing control scheme, and, of course, Tin Pin Slammer. The goal of this minigame? To slide your pins around the board in an attempt to knock your opponent’s pins out of bounds. Basically, it’s 1971’s Milton Bradley board game Crossfire, except the DS stylus replaces the plastic guns and little metal pellets. Crossfiiiiiree!Trying to outmaneuver your opponent makes TPS exciting enough on its own, but the addition of “whammies,” or special moves, really cranks things up. You can, for instance, summon a giant mallet from out of nowhere, which spins in a circle and sends every pin it makes contact with flying. Of course, that’s not to mention the stage variations, which add handicaps to change the rules on-the-fly, or the fact that you can collect hundreds of pins, each with unique stats and properties. And when you finally overcome a particularly grueling match-up, the sense of accomplishment is glorious. You’ll get caught up in the Crossfiiiiirrre!

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