Cloudtown is my floating Fallout 4 settlement above the Red Rocket gas station. Perched on puffs of pure impossibility, it comprises a Power Armour hanger, a nifty hover-house full of all the things Im too proud of to scrap, a relaxation lounge (a sofa on a balcony), and a horrible, open-air dormitory for all the settlers who cant pathfind their way around the place, and just warp into bed when I’m not looking. Cloudtown is crap. I spent hours upon hours making this thing and then went on the Internet for a few minutes, where I discovered that the rest of the world is full of genius fake-world architects who make me look like a child building things out of Jenga rods and my own spit. Don’t agree with me? Here are all the creations that made me feel awful about myself.

N.B. I’ve tried to include only settlements made without cheats or mods meaning, theoretically, you could pour days of your life into recreating them but I can’t promise some sneaky types haven’t slipped through the net.

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