In some ways, Batman: Arkham City becomes an even better Batman simulator once you’ve completed the main story. It certainly takes on a whole new tone and provides one **** of a poignant, playable coda to the campaign. Following that ending, the city goes on, but is irrevocably changed. The fallout among the criminal fraternity is palpable in their dialogue, expressions of mourning, confusion and disaffection overheard as you glide by on patrol.

And although things are quieter in the stillness of that post-endgame snow, without the distraction of the next story mission to push you forward, the sense of simply ‘being’ Batman, doing what he does, night after night, is amplified immensely. You’ll stalk the rooftops. You’ll scan the streets for signs of trouble. You’ll follow up loose ends and chase investigative leads at your own pace. With the main story’s cast of characters greatly diminished, it’s a lonely, reflective experience. But that’s what being Batman is all about.

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