Map knowledge is king in Doom. If you don’t know the map, then you don’t know where the health packs are, and if you don’t know where the health packs are, you’re not going to last long. Fortunately, there are a lot of them on each map, and they respawn very quickly. You’ll learn their availability in any given area pretty quickly if you get out there and explore fast. This is yet another reason that movement is absolutely key in Doom. If you’re not constantly manoeuvring and discovering, then you just will not earn the environmental knowledge needed to really succeed.

Basically, as well as managing your position, evasive options, and health levels, you also need to keep your mind on your possible escape routes and your fastest, safest path to a health pack stash. Know them, use them, and combine them with the previous tips in order to stay alive. Unlike in most shooters, thinking about your enemy is a secondary consideration here. Maintaining your ability to stay in the fight is everything, even if that means temporarily leaving the fight. In Doom, the meta-game is the game. I cannot emphasise that enough. Okay, the crucial business of staying alive covered, let’s move on to the killing…

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