New research by Kroll Ontrack gathered from 1,849 global respondents from Europe, North American and Asia Pacific has shown that as more people adopt solid state drives (SSD)  for speed and reliability, more data loss is occurring at the same time

The study shows that while 92 percent of all respondents use SSD drives, a third (38 percent) of respondents reported that they experienced a failure with an SSD, and of those disks that failed 23 percent lost data.

SSD use in laptops and mobile devices were indicated by 80 percent of respondents, nearly two-thirds in desktops, and 23 percent in servers.

“While adoption of SSDs is up and failure rates between SSD and HDD are consistent, the types of failure are generally different. When failure leads to data loss, it’s not uncommon for IT admins and consumers to utilise data recovery software to attempt recovery,” said Robin England, senior research and development engineer at Kroll Ontrack.

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