1. Lara Croft becomes the Tomb Raider in a darker game that marks the end of her reboot trilogy

Shadow of the Tomb Raider knows how to end a trilogy, and it’s with apocalyptic stakes, jaguars and Lara Croft on a rampage. This game – set in South America and plundering Mayan and Aztec mythology for its storyline – is the final part of the reboot trilogy that saw Square Enix strip Lara Croft back to a younger, more vulnerable character only just finding her footing as the archeological adventuress we know and love. Shadow isn’t a perfect game, but it’s a thrill to play a desperate and slightly unhinged Lara murdering her way through jumpscares, piranha and ancient ruins. Rachel Weber

What: Shadow of the Tomb Raider
When: September 14
Where: PS4, Xbox One, PC

2. Bojack Horseman season 5 is here and I can’t wait to see how it tackles mental health, family drama and more this time around

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