It just happens to be a pretty awesome week this week, because you get Pancake Day and Valentine’s Day all in one seven-day period. Oh, and there are some good new games, TV shows and movies too, I guess. Jokes aside, it’s an incredibly strong week for fresh things to play and watch, and not just because Blank Panther is finally hitting movie theatres. From Owlboy and Fe, to the slight car crash that is The Cloverfield Paradox, there’s plenty of great stuff in our pick of the eight things to watch out for this week.  

Don’t dismiss Black Panther as just another superhero movie

If your first reaction to the thought of seeing Black Panther is ‘oh god, not another superhero movie’, stop. Black Panther is just so much more than that. Not only is Michael B. Jordan – of The Wire and Creed fame – playing the role of the main antagonist, but it’s a nearly all-black cast, with famous names including Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, and Forest Whitaker. It’s successfully combating the accusations of a white-washed Marvel universe single-handedly, and although it sadly shouldn’t be this ground-breaking to have an all-black superhero movie, it’s definitely a watershed moment for diversity in Hollywood. Go watch Black Panther, experience Wakanda and take a good look at that amazing suit. Spider-Man’s going to be *so* jealous. Sam Loveridge

What: Black Panther
Where: A cinema near you
When: February 13 (UK), February 16 (US)

Dragon Quest Builders on Switch gives you time, place, and reason to build

Dragon Quest Builders hit PS4 and PS Vita a year ago, and folks who played it quickly discovered that it was actually the secret Lego RPG that has long lain dormant in our childhood dreams. Forget about Minecraft and the licensed Lego games for a minute, I’m talking about the real experience of playing with Legos: following the instructions to build a kit, utterly disregarding the instructions to build whatever the **** you want, then playing heroes and villains in the little world you created piece by piece. Dragon Quest Builders does that, and with the flexibility of Switch, you can finally take your creation with you and play whenever you have time (all without the danger of losing bricks under your car seat). Connor Sheridan

What: Dragon Quest Builders
Where: Nintendo Switch
When: February 9

Owlboy is flying onto Switch and PS4 this week, and you need to play it if you love old school Disney-esque adventuring

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