Last May, we reported that Windows 10 had doubled its number of “promoted apps” – that’s a nice way of saying “adverts.” Since then, the amount of promotional content baked into Windows 10 has dramatically increased, from lock screens that promote Rise of the Tomb Raider, to adverts masquerading as tips and tricks.

The latest effort from the Windows monetisation wing uses an altogether new technique – and it’s impossible to disable without also jettisoning potentially useful updates about your cloud storage. Here’s how Microsoft is now pushing Office 365:

Yes, that’s an advert built-in to file storage. This is made worse by the fact that the Reddit user in question already pays for Office 365. You can get rid of it by disabling “sync provider notifications” but this isn’t ideal, as legitimate notifications about your cloud storage also fit into that category. Still, if you don’t use OneDrive, then fill your boots.

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