Even though Fortnite only exploded in popularity at the start of season 3, Epic’s Battle Royale game has in fact had five lengthy seasons so far. While the game launched in September, season 1 didn’t kick off until October 25 and it wasn’t anywhere near as fancy as the current seasons with their battle passes and unlockable cosmetics. Season 1 simply introduced daily challenges to grant you experience points and when you levelled up enough, you were given the privilege of spending V-Bucks in the seasonal store. That’s right – you had to earn the ability to give Epic your money. 

Now, as everybody knows, Epic releases new cosmetics and emotes like they’re sweets on Halloween. Buying the Battle Pass earns you a plethora of goodies, all the way from tier 1 to 100. Season 5 has meant you can travel around the map at a blistering pace with rifts and ATKs, shotguns are essentially useless and SMGs are unstoppable, and everybody is able to channel their inner Bob the Builder with build battles to the heavens. Which season was the best though? Here is my ranking of the best Fortnite seasons, with all five ranked from worst to best.

Fortnite season 1

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