What is it?

An honest, refreshing, and genuinely funny look at life growing up in the American Rust Belt, wrapped in a chilling ghost story

Play it if you like…

Telltale adventure games, coming of age stories with a spooky backdrop, smashing capitalism

  • Format: PC/PS4
  • Price: $19.99/£14.99
  • Release date: Out now

Night in the Woods begins with failure. Mae is a naive twenty-year-old anthropomorphic cat returning back home to the sleepy factory town of Possum Springs after dropping out of college for reasons she has difficulty articulating. She arrives at the bus station late at night, her parents are nowhere to be found. Turns out, they thought she was coming tomorrow. Great.

Mae takes it all in stride, though, cracking ironic jokes at her situation, hopping from power lines and trees to make her way home. She draws a picture in her journal – Mae in a pirate outfit captaining a boat while a cartoon squid swims underneath the water declaring ‘Your parents forgot you!’ with a heart to dot the exclamation point. This is the first moment Night in the Woods finds humor in potential darkness. It won’t be the last. 

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