Razer and Antec have teamed up to release a new PC case, imaginatively called… the Antec Cube – Designed by Razer.

Which we will only say once more, because it’s a kind of silly name and makes my inner grammar nazi cry out in rage.

The Antec Cube – Designed by Razer (hnghg) is a small form factor case that’s pretty much a box with Razer’s logo on it. Inside the Antec Cube (that’ll do now) is a single 3.5in HDD bay, and there’s room for up to four 2.5in bays. There are three expansion slots, with room for graphics cards up to 350mm long, and a separate lower compartment that keeps the PSU apart from the rest of the build. 

Both the side and top panels all feature acrylic windows, and are closed with a simple clicking mechanism for easy access. The case itself is made of 3mm aluminium and .8mm rolled steel, and features green LED glow strips and a green LED rear fan.

“We are pleased to be working with a company as prolific in the gaming space as Razer to create something new for the gaming community,” says Han Liu, Vice President of Antec North America in a recent announcement. “We are confident that our shared expertise and passion for building the best experience for our diverse range of customers will add tremendous value to our product lines.”

The case goes into production in October, with a price announcement to follow. 

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