I’m going to be using the word cyber a lot in this piece – it sadly remains the buzzword de jour in government circles. And those circles are about to take part in Australia’s first ever cyber security game.

Basically, it’s like a war game, but for cyberattacks and cybercrime. The Australian National University will be hosting the game tomorrow, in conjunction with the RAND Corporation, and it will simulate two scenarios based around a theoretical 2022 environment. The project will be coordinated by Michelle Price of the ANU National Security College, and will involve both the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Cyber Security Dan Tehan and Shadow Assistant Minister for Cyber Security Gai Brodtmann.

That’s a lot of cybers. But online security and preparedness is a big challenge.

“Australia is losing up to $17 billion off our bottom line each year through malicious cyber activity,” Price said in today’s announcement. “It largely goes off-shore after being stolen by cyber criminals.”

“We also have to take into account the loss of productivity. Any time a malicious compromise happens, people’s efforts have to be redirected. There can also be cash costs involved in remediating malicious incidents, the value depending on how severe the incident is.”

Other participants include Google, Cisco, the ABC, the Australian Securities Exchange, and KPMG.

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