When it comes to playing, there’s an on-screen keyboard that can be customised (wide keys for chunky fingers, or slender if you tinkle virtual ivories with digits akin to toothpicks). Above sit various knobs, sliders and pads within six separate views you page between by prodding helpfully large arrow buttons.

At any point, the keyboard can be collapsed, to gain simultaneous access to any two panels from the main one, envelope settings, dual touch pads, effects, sequencer, and tuner. It all works brilliantly, bar the app (like most of its contemporaries) too often echoing real-world hardware: on an iPad, I shouldn’t need to tap a button 20 times to change a value – just let me type in a number!

My only other grumbles are already on the roadmap: AUv3 support and an iPhone version. Otherwise, Synth One already feels like a mature and very complete iPad synth. And while I’m not going to demand all apps should follow suit with the lack of a price tag (after all, the iOS ecosystem is so rich due to developers being able to make money), it’s fantastic to see an app such as this making high-end music creation more widely accessible.

AudioKit Synth One Synthesizer is available for iPad.

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