According to the lightning-fast backstory, the evil guys here are the Shadow Order. They’ve slung all the wizards in jail, and looted an ancient egg. Across 50 wraparound single-screen levels, you ascend the tower, presumably to give the rotters a taste of kickicus faceofficus.

But this is easier said than done. Initially, your instincts have you treat Drop Wizard Tower like a typical platform game. You tap left or right, only your wizard doesn’t stop running, and gets horribly killed. You can’t jump, and so blunder like an idiot into a spiked foe. You leap off of a platform, only you’re facing the wrong way to blast magic at an incoming and surprisingly violent fish.

But when it clicks, it’s wonderful. The game feels fluid and perfect for mobile, and the portrait layout not only better recalls arcade machines of old than its landscape-oriented predecessor, but also provides space for chunky virtual controls, rather than you covering up on-screen action with sausage thumbs.

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