A dazzling light show puzzler that will give you chills.

Something that strikes me about a lot of modern gaming is how little of it is about play. That line of thinking appears anathema to FROST, an immersive and tactile touchscreen experience that gradually has you come to understand, coax and guide countless swarming critters.

The game’s creators offer some mildly mawkish guff about helping flocking spirits return to their home planets, but the game more resembles a Petri dish reimagined by Mondrian, and rendered in neon.

As you progress through the game, you’ll see little dots cartwheeling in patterns, like tiny fish floating in space; elsewhere, sparks wheel and are hurled into oblivion, like the dying embers from a firework. Occasionally, geometric patterns slash their way across the screen, intense in colour and crackling like electricity.

You think: I’d quite like that as a screensaver. But then you interact with the light show, and the magic begins.


Whatever tranquility and equilibrium is presented in each initial scene is quickly obliterated by the sausage fingers of the player. In early levels, you carve tunnels through space, guiding flitting pinpricks of light to their destination – an orb that gradually fills. Job done.

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