In a world where every household object has come to life, things aren’t going well for any that happen to be edible. The evil Blender has kidnapped your berry chums, and only you can save them. Unfortunately – as you might have gathered from the name of this game – in Silly Walks, you’re hampered by a very silly walk.

We’re not quite in John Cleese territory, but star of the show ‘Pineapple’ (in fact, some kind of cocktail) walks a bit like a bow-legged cowboy. It turns out, this isn’t the smartest way to get from your starting point to your soon-to-be-juiced chums; especially when in-between you find stabby knives, pulverising hammers, and all manner of psychotic household appliances.

In fact, it’s even sillier than that, because there aren’t even any remotely granular controls. If you expected to toddle along by way of a virtual joy-pad, nope – the fruity hero is controlled entirely by a single finger.

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