Live vicariously through other people’s photos, and travel the world from your armchair.

Trips by Lonely Planet mashes together travel guides, blogging, and a smidgeon of social network – only Instead of being curated by experts, anyone can post to it.

That pretty much guarantees the app is full of insufferable people showing off all the amazing places they’ve been travelling to recently – and that you very much haven’t. OK, so maybe I’m a bit jealous, and in need of a break. but fortunately this app provides plenty of inspiration for potential journeys.

It wisely cuts to the chase, concentrating on vibrant photography, rather than the people behind the posts. This isn’t about celebrity – it’s about travelling the world from your armchair.


The app’s been around on iOS for a few months, and is broadly similar on Android. Across the top of the screen, you get buttons for accessing your feed, a discovery section, notifications, and your own page (assuming you sign in – which is optional).

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