The iOS 12 beta appears to hide renders for a much larger iPhone X model.

Although there’s been no official announcement of what Apple has planned for the next generation iPhone range, a new software update may have just leaked some tantalising details on what the company is working on.

Hidden code unearthed from inside the latest beta version of iOS 12suggests that Apple is gearing up to release a much larger version of the iPhone X.

 ​Guilherme Rambo, an iOS developer, shared images he’d found while digging through the code showing an icon called “payment glyph”. The images appear to point to a significantly larger ‘Plus’ model of the iPhone X, alongside what’s likely to be an updated version of the regular sized iPhone X.

It supports previous rumours that the company would be releasing an updated iPhone X, as well as an updated regular sized iPhone at its September event this year. The naming scheme is once again likely to cause confusion, as it’s unclear if this regular iPhone will be the ‘9’ or something different entirely.

The images also appear to show a strangely shaped iPad, which is more square than anything that’s previously been released. It’s possible that the picture is simply an indication that the software can be adjusted to fit different sized devices.

It’s unclear whether including these images is a deliberate move by Apple, as Rambo used the exact same method to leak images of the iPhone X last year.

The iOS 12 beta, which is currently available to developers, will release alongside whatever iPhone and iPad devices Apple eventually launches at the end of next month.

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