Last week Apple unveiled the new MacBook Pro, and in many ways it’s the ultimate laptop. Alongside its innovative Touch Bar and Touch ID, Apple’s latest laptop also packs in a larger trackpad, better speakers and far faster performance than its predecessor. But among the new features, Apple also removed two iconic features that we’ve come to associate with pretty much every MacBook and MacBook Pro.

From the outside, one of those is obvious. For years, a glowing Apple logo has been a hallmark of every MacBook, but it’s gone on the MacBook Pro. The new 12in MacBook is the only other laptop in Apple’s range without a glowing logo, so its removal could have something to do with the introduction of new screen technology.

Second, and somewhat less obviously, Apple has also done away with the startup chime on the new MacBook Pro – and that’s because it boots up as soon as it’s opened.

While the disappearance of those two features is quite sad, it gives us an interesting insight into how Apple views its products. Both the iPhone and the iPad have no startup noises or glowing Apple logos, so the company’s decision to remove those features from its laptops implies Apple’s mobile devices are the template in design and UI terms for its other products. For everything else you need to know about the new MacBook Pro, keep reading.

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