Of course, this is ‘cheap’ in Apple terms…

Unless Apple is planning to completely overhaul its product line and release schedule, we’re just months away from the release of the next iPhone, rumoured to be called the iPhone 11. 

The rumour mill has been churning since the launch of last year’s iPhone X, and amid reports of poor sales of this “revolutionary” handset, there’s a heightened sense of expectation and anticipation for whatever Apple has up its sleeve next. As is tradition, there are countless rumours and some contradict others, so we’ve collected what we believe to be the most trustworthy below in an attempt to summarise.

The latest revolves around the price – a major sticking point with the original iPhone X. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who knows Apple almost intimately and has been correctly predicting its next move for years, Apple could make the iPhone 11 cheaper than the iPhone X – up to a whole $US300 cheaper. 

The iPhone X cost a staggering amount upon launch last September and while many have bemoaned how extortionate this price is, CEO Tim Cook famously defended the company’s decision saying the amount of technology within the handset justifies it. This could go some way to explaining the reported dip in sales. 

If Kuo is correct, the new cheaper 5.8in iPhone X will retail for $US800, the larger 6.5in iPhone X Plus will come in at $US900 and a so-called “budget” model could set you back $US600. These aren’t cheap, by any stretch, but would signal a move towards the cheaper end of the market by a manufacturer renowned for its premium pricing. 

Other recent rumours involved the sightings of colourful handsets, in violet and green, as well as two videos claiming to show “exclusive” looks at a 6.1in iPhone 11 and the 6.5in iPhone X Plus. The images of the colourful handsets were posted by TechnoCodex and, if confirmed, could see Apple return to the days of the iPhone 5C and its range of hues. The videos feature renders of what is believed to be the larger model of the iPhone 11 and the iPhone X’s successor. Scroll down to the size and displays, and design section to learn more, or read on to find out everything else we know about – or think we know – about the next installment of Apple’s iPhones. 

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