First off, let’s try and get that ‘video game movies are bad’ mantra out of your head. Ok, there’s been a little too much Uwe Boll and yes, I know the Resident Evil movies aren’t even close to the games, and oh God we won’t even talk about Silent Hill 2 but – and this is a seriously big but – this time things look a little different.

Unlike other video game movies Assassin’s Creed has specifically been created by its own developer, Ubisoft, which now has its own motion picture branch. Plus, it has one of this generation’s most wanted actors, Michael Fassbender, in not one but two starring roles. Oh, and he’s producer too, alongside Macbeth director Justin Kurzel. Is that, could it be? /Hope?/ From what I’ve seen so far, I’m feeling confident. 

Here’s your breakdown of everything you need to know before the Brotherhood free-runs onto cinema screens on December 21 this year in the US (and five days later on December 26 for the rest of the world.)

The trailer & analysis

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