Astro is well known for pretty serious audio kit, and its new A50 Wireless Gaming Headset has now gotten even more epic.

Of course, it also comes with an epic price – it’ll set you back $479 for the PS4 version, and a mysterious $489 for the Xbone version. And both feature USB connectivity so they’ll work on PC as well.

For that price you get a headset that’s been tuned by “Astro’s team of gaming audio experts”, 7.1 surround sound with serious spatial accuracy, and a boom mic tuned for your console of choice. And for PC. And Mac. It’s just tuned for every **** thing. It boasts 15 hours of battery life, and comes with Command Centre Software that lets you fiddle to your heart’s content with tone, mic levels, volume, and much more, plus it uses low-latency 5GHz wireless connectivity.

The new addition though is the Base Station Transmitter, with magnetic charging contacts, headset pairing, battery status, and a switch for Dolby Surround Sound, and an integrated amplifier. There’s also an optional mod kit that adds a synthetic leather headband, and leather ear cushions.


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