Batman VR is fucking amazing. Those were the words I used when I pulled the PS VR headset off my scalp when I finished, and those are the words that keep coming to mind when I think back to the 15 minutes I spent under the cowl. It’s the ultimate Batman wish fulfillment – and you’ll never throw a single punch.

My experience was split into two separate demos. The first acted as a tutorial for how the controls work, and used a sequence that’s typically glossed over in a snappy montage – putting on the Batsuit. Alfred walks up to my right and hands me a key. I use it to open the piano in front of me and use the Move controllers to poke a few keys. The piano moves away with a hydraulic hiss, the floor opens below me, and I descend into the Batcave. The elevator stops, and I methodically put on my suit, tighten my gloves, then grab the helmet and place it over my head.  

 I test out my gadgets. First the grapnel gun – shoot it at a target to launch towards it. I look down at my utility belt and holster the gun. I grab the forensic scanner, perform a quick test, and do the same. I grab the Batarang and throw it at a target, releasing the trigger on the move controller at the end of my throw. Once I’m all done, a panel appears in front of my face – the reflection not showing my own face, but Batman’s. It feels… weird, but I can’t help but grin.  

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