Owning both discs of The Saturn’s number-one title marks the collection of a true Saturn OG. The flight-centric 3D platformer lets you explore vibrant dreams as one of two kids helped by Nights, the titular jester. With a mix of walking and flying segments, NiGHTS into Dreams tapped into a new kind of platform gameplay for its era, and despite linear flight paths, the game delivered a surprisingly unrestrained sensation of movement.

To experience all the beauty of Sega’s unique somnambulism-sim, you had to negotiate the Christmas edition as well; but rather than sold at retail, the game was given away with other titles and selected magazines over Christmas of 1996. This small yet perfectly formed charm complements the unique original smartly, and can healthily be brought out each holiday season to revisit alongside classics like A Christmas Story or Home Alone. For the rest of the year (or if you adjust your Saturn’s clock), it reverts to a bog-standard demo.

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