E3. E3 2018 is coming and you cannot escape. It’s going to shove games into your eyes with wild abandon for an entire week, and you might as well embrace it. There are going to be E3 2018 games all over the **** place. The best you can do is try to focus in past the barrage. That’s why we’re breaking down our E3 2018 previews show by show. Today, it’s time for the Bethesda E3 rumour breakdown. We also have a preview of all the Xbox E3 rumours, if that’s your bag. And more will be coming.

So, what’s likely from the house of Dovahkin? As one of the most ludicrously eclectic and creatively surprising third-parties around, Bethesda is always capable of delivering pretty much anything. And with so many big game series in its stable, the potential is very wide-ranging indeed. This year though, we reckon these are the biggest contenders.

When is the Bethesda E3 conference? 

The Bethesda 2018 E3 conference takes place on June 10, 2018 at 6:30pm PT, with the BST time being 02:30 on June 11.

Where can I watch the Bethesda E3 conference? 

Bethesda’s official Twitch channel would be your best bet. Though the publisher and studio has also put out a rather delightful little papercraft announcement video for its E3 conference on YouTube, to clarify that the show will also broadcast on its YouTube channel, Twitter feed, Facebook page, and official website. Keep all those options tabbed, in case any of them fall over on the night.

Bethesda E3 confirmed games 

Rage 2

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