What is it? 

A shoot-’em-up platformer with auto-aim, so you can focus entirely on adept evasive maneuvers. 

Play it if you like… 

2D shooters that put a premium on twitch reflexes and industrial techno tunes. 

  • Format: PS4, PC
  • Price: $15 (PS4) / $13 (PC)
  • Release date: Out now

Once you’ve seen Equilibrium, the 2002 sci-fi action flick starring Christian Bale, you can never forget the impossibly cool, ludicrously impractical art of gun kata. For those who have yet to enjoy this Matrix-era guilty pleasure, gun kata is a made-up martial art that’s a bit like a bullet-firing ballet, in which our hero gracefully swings around twin pistols to mow down rooms full of armed guards (while somehow dodging all incoming fire). And the spirit of gun kata’s dual-wielding firefights is a large part of what makes Seraph so enthralling – because no matter where your enemies are in this 2.5D platformer, you’re sure to be shooting them up in style.

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