Titanfall 2’s multiplayer isn’t more of the same. Ok, yes – it still revolves around the ‘pilots and giant mechs’ gameplay that defined the original Titanfall, and provides players with the exhilarating, jetboot-enabled high mobility that’s become de rigeur in the FPS ecosystem. But the key difference is the new philosophy that Respawn Entertainment uses to guide the designs of this sequel’s fast-paced, team-based firefights. “When we started on the multiplayer aspect of this game, we really tried to unpack it; figure out what worked, what didn’t, how do we refine this game and make a better version of it,” says producer Drew McCoy. “There was nothing that was sacred, more or less.” Where the first Titanfall reveled in multiplayer pandemonium, with Titans raining down from the sky at a rapid clip and pilots deploying boon-granting Burn Cards seemingly at random, Titanfall 2 aims to deliver something else entirely: a healthy dose of predictability.

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