Oh, and Sony. Don’t forget Sony.

Gear up, people. This one’s all about PlayStation.

Do note, however, that they keys in here are only valid for certain PSN regions of which Australia is not one. It is very easy to register a U.S. PSN account, however, although you may have the leave the Vita titles on the sidewalk.

As is, this is a weirdly mish-mash bundle, but it still has some good bits in there. Pay what you want for the PS4 version of Dead Rising and some other PS3-Vita games? Not bad.

Beat the current average of US$11.80 and things really heat up, with Alien Isolation being the key standout among the six additional games.

Or you could just plonk down US$15 to pick up two extra PS4 titles in the form of Dead Rising 2 and the remaster of Valkyria Chronicals.

Not a bad package overall. Weird, perhaps, but there’s some good stuff in there. Click on through if you’re keen.

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