Introducing the characters for our Deadlands Reloaded liveplay campaign – coming soon!

Tabletop roleplaying is bit of a passion of mine, and I really wish I got more time to write about it. From those early days messing about with the Dungeons & Dragons Red Box when I was kid, to now writing for conventions, the art of rolling dice and make-believe is one of my favourite past times.

But if I can’t write about it as much as I like, I can talk about it! Dicey Endeavours is a relatively new podcast hosted by myself, ex-Hyper editor Daniel Wilks, and our old friend and roleplaying buddy Phil Luces. Over the last eight episodes we’ve talked about our favourite games, writing for conventions, worked our way through different character generation systems, and generally talked a lot of shit about the hobby we love.

Now, in our latest ep, we’re gearing up for a liveplay campaign of Deadlands Reloaded. Run by Daniel, Phil and I are also joined by Kat and Ayla to make up a four-player team of investigators looking into what will become the birth of the Weird West. Episode Nine is the first part of our character generation session, and it was a real hoot to record.

Anyway, give it a good old listen, and if you look what you hear, catch up with some of our previous podcasts!

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