Chowbotics Inc. has landed $5 million in a Series A round of venture funding to develop what it’s calling food service robots. These are machines designed to prepare food in restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, or food courts in airports, malls and hospitals. The company’s flagship product, Sally, is a salad-making robot that uses 20 different food canisters to prepare and serve more than 1,000 different types of salads.

According to Chowbotics CEO and founder Deepak Sekar, the company has finished pilot production of Sally and is ready to bring the robot to market this spring. Asked whether a version of Sally for home use is in the works, Sekar said not now and likely not for another five or more years. The CEO explained:

“Back in the 60’s you had computers the size of a room that were astronomically expensive. That was the main frame. Then you had the mini-computer which was more accessible for businesses in the 70s. It took another decade or so for the personal computer to come around. Right now, the food industry is facing a mini-computer phase where robots have come out of the factory and are going into commercial kitchens.”

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