Finding just the right piece of art to go above your mantle (or bed, or iguana enclosure) is tough. You want something that says “This place is hip!” but also conveys class and smarts. NASA has exactly what you need: Mars Explorers Wanted posters.

The recruitment-style posters depict astronauts farming, surveying, assembling, and even working “the night shift.” NASA initially commissioned the images in 2009 for the Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Complex, but has now released the posters so that everyone can download print-ready versions for themselves.

Should you choose to make a print of one of the posters and place it in your home—and you really, really should do that—you can send it to NASA via Twitter or Facebook. Chances are they’ll give you shout-out, because generally speaking their social media team is always on fire. In the meantime, get thee to the print shop!

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