Melbourne’s ACMI has had some pretty fantastic exhibitions of games over the years, and it’s latest is looking like a real cracker. Code Breakers: Women in Games, a curated exhibition looking at the contributions of women in New Zealand and Australia to the games industry, will run from the 27th of July to November this year.

The free exhibit will feature hands-on game demos of RPGs, digital board games, racing games and more, as well as looking at how to make the industry more inclusive in a post-gamergate landscape.

“Despite women making up almost 50% of game players, they account for less than 10% of the games industry,” said Katrina Sedgwick, the ACMI’s CEO and director. “Code Breakers seeks to shatter stereotypes and celebrate the women who are breaking down barriers and building vibrant, creative careers within a global industry that is increasingly diverse. Our hope is that the industry will soon reflect the diversity of the gaming community it seeks to serve.” 

Featured developers include Lisy Kane of League of Geeks, Siobhan Ready of Media Molecule, and Escape From Woomera’s Katherine Neil.

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