What is it?

Puzzle platforming with manipulation of primary colors.

Play it if you like… 

Limbo and Boxboy but want to take it nice and easy.

Format: PC/Xbox One/PS4/PS Vita 

Price: $14.99 / €14.99 / £11.99

Release date: August 30th

Hue, an arty and unassuming platformer by Fiddlestick Games, is one of the most pleasurably meditative games I’ve played in the past year. Gaming and meditation are acts linked together regularly when discussing thoughtful games that veer hard away from the kinetic twitchiness or grand theatrics of big budget hits. We take slow-paced exploration like No Man’s Sky or low stakes, high atmosphere style pieces like Abzu (which has a literal meditation button in it), and we equate their steady pacing to the act of deep breathing and chanting, “Om.” The actual practice of meditating is difficult, though. Contradictory by its very nature, meditation requires you to both by wholly inattentive but wholly present, willing to let stray thoughts slide off your consciousness like so much water off a duck while staying awake and even alert. Gliding over Hue’s delicately detailed platforms, taking its hushed world and manipulating colors to reveal new facets of the environment readily guides you into that state; present, thoughtful, but not so demanding that your conscious mind is fixated.

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