Conductor is launching a new mobile app that co-founder and CEO Seth Besmertnik described as a way to get quick access to “the voice of the customer.”

The New York-based company started with a focus on search engine optimization before broadening to offer a broader range of marketing tools. Now, Besmertnik said, “The core of what we do is understand your customers and understand what people want. If you know what people want, you can use that to create better content, better marketing, better messaging.”

On mobile, that means taking existing Conductor data and making it easy to search and understand. Using the app, you can look up any term that you might want to use as the basis for your marketing — for example, Besmertnik demonstrated the app by searching for “online therapy,” bringing up a list of related terms that customers are searching for.

There are also filters around different stages of the customer journey (so you can see what people are looking for right before they make a purchase decision), and a feed of insights that help a company understand its data.

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