Cooler Master is kicking off its 8th Case Mod World series this year, with prizes worth almost $US40,000 in the offering. The competition is open to case-modders of all levels, and they can submit entries between now and the third of May, with registrations open until March 31st. 

“We have created countless product innovations and design break-throughs which paved the way to the standard cases and cooling technology seen today. With this being the 25th year of our company, we wanted to pay tribute by inviting modders to participate in the biggest modding event in the community with a bonus category for $2500 in cash,” said Raymen Wu, Marketing Director, in today’s announcement.

This year the event includes regional modding workshops, and will feature a special category where modders can work on classic cases from the past 25 years of Cooler Master’s case output. And if you’re new to modding, you can learn more about the hobby at, where you can find a wide range of tutorials and galleries.

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