Cooler Master is having a big show in Taiwan, at this year’s Computex. It’s just released a whole mess of new PC hardware, and it’s looking like a solid lineup of new gear and a return to some classics.

We’ve always loved the HAF – it stands for High Air Flow – case series, and at last Cooler Master’s released a new model. It’s a kind of stealthy release, though, as it’s actually in the company’s MasterCase range, the H500P. The H stands for… you guessed it.

The case features two massive 200mm RGB fans in the front panel, and a range of other cooling options, both air and liquid-based. There’s a tempered glass side-panel, two-part PSU cover for a tidy appearance. 

The new Cosmos C700P expands upon the classic old-school Cosmos design, but has a sleeker, more modern profile. The carry-handles are much lower profile than the previous design, and now feature RGB lighting, while two tempered glass sidepanels show off your gear to best advantage. The cleverest feature us a removable motherboard try for easy hardware installation and builds.


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