Everything is lit these days. Your mouse, your keyboard, your case, your motherboard… it’s all got to be lit up. Corsair’s now adding more light to your PC with its new line of Vengeance LED RAM kits.

And, we have to admit, they do look striking. The RAM sticks feature aluminium heat spreaders, and the LED lighting emerges from dramatically styled slots in these fittings. There are both red and white options available.

But the new RAM is also tasty fast. The kits are all DRR4, and runs at frequencies up to 4333MHz. They’re built on a ten-layer PCB and feature binned ICs for better overclocking, and all the kits are XMP 2.0 compatible.

Vengeance LED RAM comes in 2x8GB, 4x8GB, 2x16GB, and 4x16GB kits. They’re not too expensive, either, with that 64GB kit coming in at $US404. The RAM available directly from Corsair’s site.

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