The update may include third party app integration.

Microsoft may be about to revamp its Cortana UI for Notebooks according to a post on Reddit, shared by a user in Microsoft’s Slow ring for Insiders programme.

Although there’s already been rumours the company is adding a Mac OS Spotlight-like UI for the new Cortana search, the notebook Cortana UI will include new options, such as Manage Skills. Although no one at Microsoft has confirmed what it could include, MS Power User has speculated it will have similar functionality to Amazon Alexa skills, which allows third-party developers to create apps for the voice assistant without native support.

This would certainly seemingly be the case, with third-party apps including Zomato onboard, allowing US users to order food using Cortana, while Runtastic is also pictured for tracking fitness.

Spotify is another of the highlighted apps, presumably allowing Notebook users to stream music using the Cortana personal assistant. Of course, this latter option can be used alongside Cortana’s own music streaming service too, giving users the choice whether to use the Microsoft service or a third party music service instead.

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