Think back to the first time you fired up Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Remember the thrill, the intense excitement that came from bursting through those windows. You began to pick up speed as your board rolled down a steep hill, and you couldn’t help but grin as you entered a warehouse playground designed just for you and your gnarly tricks. You practically scraped the sky when you vaulted into the air off that halfpipe, and your grinds could go for so long they’d rival a 10th-century epic poem.

Of course, we know how far-fetched and outlandish Pro Skater got. Where games could have you regularly fly 30 feet into the air and float for what seemed like an eternity, real-life skaters rarely breach even half that, and are far more susceptible to the effects of gravity. The current record for highest ‘air’ is 25.49 feet. Watch Danny Way (the record-holder) attempt the jump several times and fail before he finally lands it:

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