Destiny 2 Forsaken is almost here, and it seems even the most hardened Guardian can’t help but be intrigued (and a little excited, let’s face it) by Bungie’s all-new game mode, Gambit.

Offering a blend of both players versus player (PvP) and player versus enemy (PvE) gameplay, Gambit splits eight people into two four-Guardian teams, pitting you against each other as you protect your arena from AI enemies. 

As the enemies attack in waves – kind of like a traditional horde mode, getting harder and tougher as the round progresses – you must defeat the masses and collect “motes”, which is Gambit’s currency. Like some of the items collected via Destiny patrol missions, these items will fall when enemies die, so the quicker you despatch of the baddies, the better. As you might expect, the bigger and tougher the enemy, the more motes will fall. You can only carry 15 at a time, though – and your bank will wipe if you die – so it’s best to bank your motes as often as possible. 

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