Fast facts

  • Destiny 2 release date: TBA, likely September 2017
  • Formats: TBA, likely PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC
  • Developer: Bungie
  • Price: TBA, likely $59.99 / £49.99

Destiny had a rough start, but after countless hours of co-op and competitive shooting across four expansions, things are running pretty smoothly. Fortunately, Bungie isn’t the kind of developer to kick its feet up and keep releasing small, microtransaction-infused content updates for the rest of your Guardian’s life. It’s an open secret that the studio has been hard at work on a full-fledged followup to Destiny for years, and those efforts are finally nearing fruition.

Despite reams of leaked documents and plans, Bungie still hasn’t confirmed anything about Destiny 2 yet, so the information out there is still incomplete and potentially inaccurate. But we’ve combed through it to present you the clearest picture we can of the much-anticipated sequel. Read on!

Destiny 2’s release date is likely late 2017

With Destiny: Rise of Iron’s new gear firmly slotted into our inventories since September 2016, it looks like a proper sequel is finally due next year. It’s less clear when in 2017 we should expect it, though Destiny Year 4 will begin in September, so that sounds like a pretty good guess. Rise of Iron wasn’t quite as big as The Taken King, and even the latter expansion had some pretty bare months, so hopefully Bungie can keep Rise of Iron feeling lively until Destiny 2 arrives.

Destiny 2 planets will be bigger destinations

You might expect a Destiny sequel to just keep on building on the same fundamentals the original has refined over three years of real-world experience. But it sounds like Bungie will set much all of that aside and go for a relatively clean slate instead.

Reports indicate that Destiny 2 will make each individual planet feel like a more complete destination. Right now the Patrol Maps are a bit Theme Parkish, with little attractions like Patrol Missions connecting the Mission and Strike roller coasters. Though you can’t actually ride the roller coasters without leaving and re-entering the park first, so maybe this isn’t the best metaphor. Anyway, in Destiny 2, you could find new outposts and towns as you explore the world, each harboring their own missions and storylines. So yeah, it sounds a lot more MMORPG-ish.

Destiny characters may not transfer over (fully)

Unfortunately, starting with a clean slate might mean you can’t take your old Guardian with you. Rumor has it that Bungie has walked back a bit from its former goal of letting players take their character with them across the entire ten-year Destiny plan. It makes sense – if the game is adding all-new systems and stripping out old ones, how could it meaningfully transfer over your old gear and progress?

Maybe there will be some massive cataclysm that strips every Guardian of their gear and progress so you can continue with the same face and class but all-new everything else. Samus somehow loses all of her power-ups at the start of every Metroid game, right? It could happen to you!

Destiny 2 could be coming to PC

The first Destiny remains a console-only affair, despite bridging two generations of gaming systems. But it sounds like PC players will finally get to start playing around with space magic in Destiny 2. If this is true, it will be interesting to see what Bungie tweaks to make the game more welcoming for the PC crowd. Gun perks that enhance aim assist, while great on joysticks, will likely be less significant for mouse and keyboard players. And a PC version would  be a helluva lot easier to datamine for spoilers. Speaking of which…

Destiny 2 has lots of story threads to pick up

We have a full article just for Destiny 2’s story, based on hints found in the original game and connections from the grimoire to real-life mythology. And it wouldn’t be Destiny if it wasn’t really hard to summarize. But suffice to say it looks like Eris Morn, the Cult of Osiris, and even The Traveler itself will soon be cast in an entirely new light. Keep your friends close, your enemies closer, and the people who say they’re your friends but seem kinda sketchy closest of all.

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