Deus Ex: Human Revolution was a great game marred by some notable setbacks: crappy boss fights and multiple endings that were based less on the decisions you’ve made and more on your ability to flip one of four switches. While Mankind Divided is getting the obvious gameplay overhaul to fix the first issue, Deus Ex writer Mary DeMarle is hoping Mankind Divided’s narrative structure will fix the second.

“Because on Human Revolution, we were having it all come down to that moment where there’s a button press at the end of the game, and it triggers one of the different endings,” DeMarle explained in a GamesRadar+ interview. “But on this one, we’re actually looking at ‘ok, we’re going to give you different actions and different choices, and you go different paths, and how does that go?’ So when you’re embracing all those multifaceted, branching choices, et cetera, it gets hard enough. And then to pull that fulfillment of what the character wants, it does get very challenging. And I can’t really give you a formula for doing it, it all comes down to constant iteration, constant play, and constant feel for the character and the player experience.” Hopefully this means a world that’s a bit more reactive to the decisions that you make, and keeps your choices close right up until the final credits.  

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