If there’s one character who deserves to get her own spin-off from Dishonored it’s definitely the plucky Billie Lurk. The ex-Whaler Captain who’s just a little bit badass is back and what’s interesting is that she’s got some new powers that make Death of the Outsider feel like more of a standalone game a la Uncharted: The Lost Legacy than your average Dishonored 2 DLC… or any DLC for that matter.

Billie’s story, as the title suggests, is all about a journey to kill a god. The infamous assassin is partnering up with her former mentor Daud to take out The Outsider, the same mysterious being who gave powers to Emily and Corvo in the original Dishonored and its sequel. The Outsider is number one on their new hit list, with the pair believing he’s responsible for most of the evil in The Empire. But of course, there will be much more blood shed before Billie can shove a sword into him, whether from behind a door with a well-timed electric dart or with swords clashing in the cobbled squares. 

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