I’ve always wanted to create my own animations. One idea is simple. My characters would be born, live, fall in love, and die in real time in a 80 year long masterpiece of constant animation. It would be a commentary on the death of the soul and the deep longing of men and women to be truly understood. My more complex idea would involve a princess who has to fight a dragon. With Dodles – pronounced dawdles – I can do both.

Built by a team in Combined Locks, Wisconsin Dodles is a sort of drag and drop animation studio. You choose (or buy) characters and then drag them around to move arms, legs, and other appendages. You can add tools and weapons and even add animated backgrounds. Then you simply make the characters talk and interact with your microphone and mouse. The aim is to let creators sell their animations online and for amateurs to have fun and share animations with friends. Think Xtranormal but without the awful robot voices.

The founders are Craig Doriot and Joie Pirkey and the entire project was self-funded to the tune of $2 million. They’ve raised $300,000 from angels.

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