Spotify is gearing up to make sure it stays top of the pile when it comes to streaming services – and it’s doing it with original video content.

Second place upstart Apple Music has been experimenting with video for a while, hoping it’d be the key to getting Spotify subscribers to jump ship. Now, Spotify is fighting back with 12 original shows of its own.

It’s a big jump from the BBC and Comedy Central clips that showed up last year, but Spotify will be sticking with what it knows best – at least at first.

Each show will focus on music, before branching out into comedy and animation. Every episode will be bite-sized, from a few minutes up to 15min long, and will be showing up in the US, UK, Germany and Sweden. There’s no word on when and where else this content will show up as yet – sorry, Aussie users.

You won’t need to be a paying Spotify subscriber to tune in, either; according to Bloomberg, free users will be able to watch as well. No word if that’ll mean adverts before, after and half-way through each show though.

As for what to expect, documentary show Landmark will highlight significant events in music history. Two episodes have been filmed so far: one on heavy rockers Metallica and the other on the Beach Boys album “Pet Sounds”.

The only other revealed show will be called Rush Hour. It’s the brainchild of Def Jam Records co-founder Russell Simmons, and will pair up hip-hop acts and get them to create a collaboration (in the back of a van, no less) while they’re ferried to a secret gig location. When they turn up, they’ve got to perform the new track live.

It all sounds promising so far, and goes a lot further than Apple’s limited video run on Apple music. Beats co-founder Dr. Dre will apparently be the focus of a biopic drama exclusive to the service, but it’s still unconfirmed right now.

As for Spotify’s video offerings, they should start appearing later this year.

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