With the year’s biggest gaming event just around the corner, it’s time to start adding all the press conferences in the E3 2018 schedule to your calendar – and if you’re in the UK, start preparing for those late night/super early morning live streams. If any of the rumors are to be believed, there will be plenty of E3 2018 games to be excited about, including the likes of the newly revealed Black Ops 4 and Battlefield 5. But of course, we’ve got our fingers crossed for titles like Pokemon Switch and, whisper it, Elder Scrolls 6

When is E3 2018?

But until all that starts happening, the question that we really need to answer right now is “when is E3 2018?”. Well, all the press conferences start kicking off on June 9 and run until June 12, but officially the actual E3 2018 show runs from Tuesday, June 12 to Thursday, June 14.

What’s the full E3 2018 schedule?

However, for all the biggest news announcements, you’ll need the full E3 2018 schedule, including all the international timings for the press conferences and live streams. Twitter user Cheesemeister has made the rather wonderful chart below that tracks all the timings for the major press conferences, including our sister site’s event, the PC Gaming Show

But read on for a more in-depth breakdown of everything happening on each day and how to watch the live streams from the comfort of your own sofa. 

Saturday – June 9

For the past few years, Electronic Arts has held a show away from the main furor of E3 known as EA Play, and this year is no different. Technically EA Play runs from June 9 – June 11, but the main press conference is happening on June 9. It starts at 11:00 PDT / 14:00 EDT / 19:00 BST, and you can tune into the live stream through a variety of sources: EA.com, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram.

Sunday – June 10

Xbox E3 2018 press conference time

It used to be the case that Xbox held its press conference on the Monday morning of E3 week, but nowadays it’s making sure the E3 fun runs all week by moving it to the Sunday afternoon. This year, the Xbox E3 conference is on Sunday again, June 10, from 13:00 PDT / 16:00 EDT / 21:00 BST. You can watch along on Xbox’s Twitch channel, YouTube, Microsoft’s own Mixer platform, and get updates via Twitter and Facebook too. 

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Bethesda E3 conference

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