Right, obviously there’s the gyrocopter drone. In Wildlands you can use it to tag enemies, and to detonate next to them – very cool. We’ve also seen a load of vehicles in the trailer for getting around in: rib boats, jeeps (with optional mounted turrets), dirt bikes, trucks, and loads more. Expect planes and choppers too, as the press release describes action as taking place in land, sea, and air. Good stuff.

The setting seems to be present day (or very, very near future), so don’t expect stuff like the weird iGun from Future Soldier. Weapons will be standard military fare: silenced pistols, assault rifles, shotguns, snipers etc. Invisibility camo? Unlikely. Guns that shoot around corners? Probably not. Let’s not forget too, that the Ghosts are behind enemy lines, so high-spec hardware is tough to find. Oh, and you’ll be able to fully customise your Ghost too, with the loot you find. We’re already roasting to wear that stetson worn by White Hat in the demo…

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