As you might expect with the Persona series, many of the details around the characters are being kept tightly under wraps for now. Once more, you’ll take on the role of a high school student presented with the typical trials and tribulations of adolescent years, but this time the main protagonist has a mysterious side. By night, you adopt the alter ego of a masked, shadowy thief who sneaks into various high-security locations to uncover mysteries. And to match that alter ego, the protagonist has a suitable Persona in the form of a top-hat-wearing thief with black wings. 

Joining the unnamed protagonist are companions such as Ryuji the class troublemaker, the steadfast Mokoto, techie Futaba, snobby Haru, and antisocial Anne – each with their own Persona that complements their personality, as per the usual. Then there’s Morgana, an anthropomorphic, bipedal cat who joins in on the heists. Morgana seems to have several powers at her(?) disposal, including the ability to change forms at will. 

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